Zakir Naik, challenged by 16 year old’s question!

By Paul S Armstrong

Even a 16 year old student has more sense and knowledge of Islam than “Dr” (Mullah) Naik! I really don’t see his appeal…

“You asked the question is Christmas wrong? 100% wrong according to me!”
– Zakir Naik.

According to who? Now, is that in the Holy Qur’an or ahadith?

What has this to do with alcohol or pork? Quite frankly, that is a ridiculous analogy! Zakir Naik may be a charismatic speaker, but that does not mean he’s some expert on Islam… In fact, he’s a doctor of medicine, not religion!

Notice how he bullies this young lad into submission… How is that an example of Islamic adab, respect and manners towards others? Shouldn’t someone who claims to represent our religion, and delivers speeches about it in public, be a little more respectful and considerate of others?

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1 Response to Zakir Naik, challenged by 16 year old’s question!

  1. Rahul says:

    Mr. Zakir Naik you have only got talent to take out errors of other religion believes and u just mislead ur own muslim brother …. try to correct ur own logic and have a through check up of ur self doc … u really need a mental asylum for u ….

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