About Us

We are a group of like minded people based in Wolverhampton, England. We have a common interest in spirituality, and mysticism.

We come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but have come together in unity seeking to know our Creator. We aim to promote peace, harmony, and spiritual development in our own lives, and our communities.

Our inspiration comes from God, and the prophets which He sent out of His love and compassion for humankind. Our Prophet Muhammad was the last of these messengers who was sent as a Mercy for all creation.

His message has been kept alive and transmitted as the classical teachings of Islam, that are well established with more than a 1400 year history.

Our emphasis is on knowing God, through the spiritual disciplines known as Sufi tariqahs. These spiritual traditions have passed from teacher to student starting with the Prophet Muhammad himself.

We practice Sufi meditation techniques (Zikr), which have a number of spiritual and physical benefits. Some of these include; inner peace, stress reduction, shed negative attitudes and emotions, lose of fears, improved focus, increased consciousness of God, and more spiritual strength and vitality.

True spiritual disciplines are a medicine for the heart and soul, in a similar way other medicines are for the body. We live in a time when many, while addressing their physical needs are giving little thought to their spiritual needs.

People are essentially spiritual beings who are living, for a time in this world. Therefore while we do require certain physical things in order to get by, it is spirituality and self sacrifice which give the greatest rewards in this life and the next.

email: info@wulfrunasufiassociation.com