How often do we question ourselves?

question-markThe Sunnah (example/way of The Prophet, peace be upon him), is something we should live by, this is how we can honour our Prophet (pbuh). Too often, Muslims talk about outward aspects of the Sunnah, such as Arabic style clothing, or miswaks; without following the most important aspects of the Sunnah, starting with our intentions, treating people right, being kind, loving and being just! How often do we question ourselves, “am I really Muslim (obeying Allah)”? Many make the claim, without striving for the reality of Islam… Islam is not a social club, a tribe or exclusive fraternity! Rather Islam is a state of being, and the one who achieves this state is a Muslim!

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2 Responses to How often do we question ourselves?

  1. For most people who were born Muslims, this question doesn’t hit their mind that often. and even when it does, they come up with a lot excuses.

  2. shireen says:

    Assalam Alaikum

    Mashallah very true. you r absolutly right.May Allah give us opportunity to question ourselves. And make us true Muslim. Ameen

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