Islam – Access for All

An opportunity to learn and understand more about the needs of Muslims with disabilities.

Kitaba and Deaf Dawah have worked closely in organising the events ‘Islam – Access for All’. Join us for an evening with Shaykh Abdul Aziz*, who will lead discussions on the legacy of Islamic teachings on islam and disability. This will hopefully allow us to realise our Islamic duties towards others as individuals and as members of the community. The mosque has and will always be the heart of the muslim community, thus has a responsibility in making such individuals feel a sense of belonging.

We hope that these talks will be an inspiration in making all our mosques more accessible. All are welcome to attend. Disability access will be available. A BSL interpreter will also be present.

For further information please contact

*Shaykh Abdul Aziz is a special needs teacher, who has also studied the traditional islamic sciences in various places including Hijaz, Yemen and East Africa

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