Why can’t I denounce Hamas…?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Why can’t I denounce Hamas, without being seen by some as anti-Palestinian and confused about Islam? Yet, the very same people who accuse me, deny Israel’s right to exist and even Hamas’ crimes against their own people!

Just to clarify, I’m neither anti-Israeli, anti-Palestinian, anti-Semitic, anti-Arab, anti-Jewish or anti-Islam! I arrived at my conclusions through following the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over many years. At one time, many years ago, I used to be very pro-Palestinian cause and quite anti-Israeli. But how can I support such a position, in light of a holistic understanding of this conflict? To do so, would be to deny the many atrocities of Palestinian groups like Hamas, together with the gross corruption and incompetence of many tinpot Arab regimes!

The Palestinian conflict, is used to redirect the attentions and energies of suppressed populations, away from the inadequacies of many supposedly Muslim countries, against the so called “Zionist regime”. Hence, delaying the much needed revival and restructuring of many of these corrupt nations. Yet, for all it’s faults, this so called “Zionist regime” is a modern democracy, with one in five of it’s citizens of Arab origin, who are accorded more rights and often a better quality of life, than in neighbouring Arab states. The third holiest site in Islam, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome Of The Rock are still administered by Muslims, even though they are located in territory governed by Israel.

So what is this conflict really about? Isn’t it time Muslims woke up and stopped allowing themselves to be used, in the corrupt power games of tinpot regimes? Seriously, don’t we have faith in Allah? Why don’t we uphold truth, ethics, morality and justice? True justice isn’t about sticking up for someone because they claim to be Muslim! Justice is about seeking a fair and ethical resolution of a conflict, regardless of whether those involved are Muslim or not. Justice has nothing to do with any particular religious affiliation.

During the time of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, an Islamic Shariah court ruled in favour of a Jew who was actually in the wrong, but there was no evidence against him other than the word of the Amir-ul-Mumineen, Hazrat Imam Ali. Due to the fair and just way the trial was conducted, this Jewish person was so awestruck, he embraced Islam and returned Imam Ali’s armour! Where is this spirit of Islamic justice and fair play in today’s world? Do we wonder why Muslims are suffering all over the world? Have we even considered for one moment, how much of this is of our own doing?

How can brainwashing impressionable young children to hate and kill be justified? Not only Hamas but the Taliban and other terrorist organisations too, use the same evil tactics. How they have the audacity to claim any connection to Islam is beyond me!

What good are keys, if the houses are gone? Such mindless propaganda! Surely a good parent or grand-parent, would point out as everything is broken here, you may as well emigrate and make a better future for yourself elsewhere? All the world belongs to God and is permissible for a Muslim to live in. Why teach children to destroy themselves and others? I pity these poor children, may God protect and guide them.

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