UN Human Rights Council Regarding Israel

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Watching recent events, in light of history, has been key to me taking the stance I now have regarding Israel. Before embracing Islam ten years ago, I neither understood the situation in Israel, nor was particularly interested. My view was simply that I wished people would just get along… After embracing Islam, I was given leaflets and videos about the Palestinian cause. I have since watched the news and developments in the region more closely, as well as reading up on history…

History testifies to the fact, that the Jewish people have been one of the most persecuted peoples and religious communities, throughout the history of human civilisation! Why then, should they be denied a state? Some may well note, that since 1948 they have had a state… Well, it’s true, at present they do. But isn’t that precisely what others are ganging up on them, to deny them?!

Why are other countries scared of the success of Israel? Why do so many, wish to bring the struggle of this tiny country to an end?

To tell a state it’s not allowed to defend itself, which is in effect what the United Nations are now doing, is to deny it the right to exist! Whatever mistakes Israel has made during it’s short history, this is an unjust and very worrying move!

There are only 13 million Jews in the world, roughly 6 million of whom live in Israel. On the other hand, there are many times as many Arabs, 1.5 million of whom actually live in Israel too! Jews make up only a tiny minority of humanity, there were around 6.8 billion people living on Earth in 2006…

Surely, it’s plain to see, the Jewish people are not a threat to anyone! So, why all the propaganda and conspiracy theories about them? Now, Israelis are the one’s being accused of war crimes, when they were only trying to defend what’s left of their much reduced country… Isn’t this a disgraceful and shameful situation?

The UN clearly does not understand the dynamics of Middle Eastern politics, either that or they do not care and are willing to turn a blind eye to a potential bloodbath in the region! If the latter, what was the point of their creation in the first place? If Israel’s not safe, bear in mind none of us are, whatever state we’re living in!

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