Geert Wilders Arrival In The UK

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

I’m glad to see Mr Wilders has been allowed into the country. British culture is based on certain principles, including liberty and freedom of expression. However, inciting hatred is not a constructive course of action, whoever is responsible!

Unfortunately, it’s true, some Muslims are stuck in the mentality of the dark ages; to point this out, is fair enough… But to state the Holy Qur’an is a fascist book; to imply that Islam is an anti-libertarian religion; is to aggravate many Muslims who are otherwise working to resolve some of these issues!

The protesters who were holding banners, come from certain groups, who by no means represent the majority of Muslims in the UK or Islam! To focus on them, misses the point that the majority of British Muslims were absent. While we may not agree with Mr Wilders views, the majority of us certainly wish him no harm.

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