Purify Your Hearts!

There are better ways of doing things,
Than dividing up according to kin.
Though boasting emirates and stans,
Dire and empty are their plans!
Chasing ephemeral in lieu of ethereal,
Reaping the bounties of their hands.

Present conditions of previous sin,
Against the Caliph think they win!
Temporary nations on Allah’s lands.
Not only from far but close at hand,
Dictators and tyrants together band.
Be careful what you wish and sow,
Especially when you do not know!

Not according to faith did they,
Big egos causing all to stray.
Provided for others to claim,
Some land amongst the fray.
Beginnings of now lie in the past,
In Arab hands was made a pact,
Not justifying cousins now,
But be aware of when and how.

Not only outsiders causing injury,
Family, friends wishing for a jury.
Even without an Israeli state,
Still suffering an awful fate.
Surely the answer to our woes,
Lies not in condemning others,
But by looking into ourselves!
Realise own wrong to become strong.

You see the strife outside,
Mirrors your disease inside,
You must purify your hearts,
To see a better world outside.
Love your neighbour as yourself,
And do not do unto others,
Anything hateful to yourselves.
True ones wish for their neighbours,
That which they desire for themselves!

© Paul Salahuddin Armstrong. 24.02.2009

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