A Message To The Sufis


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2 Responses to A Message To The Sufis

  1. allahblessisrael says:

    the imams ideology is complitly contradicting the Qur2an which has been modified by ther books. Example
    If the Holy land is an islamic land , then why Allah never helped you in your ”Jihad” against Israel?

    You would find the answeer in our first article


    Permission to Israel To Fight The Muslims




  2. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong says:

    I do not entirely agree with you… Though I freely acknowledge there are many good people from amongst the Children of Israel. Traditional Sunni Muslims have always recognised this fact, it is so well established that only extremists dispute this! Indeed may God bless the people of Israel! I pray God guides them them to fulfil their role as a righteous people, establishing justice in the land. God will support whoever is living according to His Will and He will bring down those who oppose His Will. Praised be Allah, Lord of the worlds, King of kings!

    Not all imams state that the Holy Land must be ruled by Muslims. Oversimplifying the many varied positions of Islamic scholars is not helpful here; as unrepresentative as doing the same for the positions of Christian priests, pastors, ministers and scholars of differing denominations and schools of thought. Amongst the Muslim community, there is a general acceptance that times and regimes change. However, I must highlight something about the context of this statement you cite, regarding Muslim rulership of the Holy Land.

    Muslims believe they are people living according to the Will of God. They believe, as indeed many Christians and Jews believe, holy land should be in holy hands. Unfortunately this has historically been the cause of some conflict, between all three monotheistic faiths. Respectful, balanced, shared custodianship would I believe, be a better solution that would avoid future conflict. However, this requires sacrifices from all parties concerned, which is why it is such a difficult thing to bring about.

    Please note: Muslim means surrendered/submitted to God, in many ways a generic term, that could be applied to any sincere God fearing person, who lives according to the Divine Will. Islam is the religion of submitting to God’s Will. Using different terminology, these are teachings not so unfamiliar to Jews and Christians.

    When Islam ruled the Holy Land, Muslims were required by Islam, to provide freedom of religion to Jews and Christians. Muslims did not destroy the religious places of the other faiths; their places of worship are still intact together with their faith communities – except for some disruption caused by the creation of the State of Israel.

    The custodians of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre have been Muslims, since the time of Muslim rule, up until the present day.


    The only rulership of the Holy Land, acceptable to orthodox Islam, is one which respects freedom of religion for all Jews, Christians and Muslims and their human rights. If the State of Israel can get this balance right, guarantying these rights, in essence there is nothing in Islam stating Muslims must retake the land.

    Two main issues concern Muslims regarding the Holy Land: Firstly, the protection and security of Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem – the third holiest site in Islam; the second main concern is for the historic communities of people, today called Palestinians whose families have lived in the Holy Land for many centuries. If the security of Masjid Al-Aqsa can be guaranteed and demonstrated; if the human rights of the historic communities are respected together with religious freedom; who would have a problem with the government of Israel?

    Historically, Muslims have for the most part had good relations with the Jewish people. The past century, cannot be taken to be representative of Islam’s relationship with Jews or Judaism. Even many Jewish Rabbis and scholars, will themselves corroborate this fact.

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