Maulana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani : Illusions

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Shaykh Nazim - If you are asking for an oasis

“Ninety-nine may be illusions, but one may be a real oasis for you because the Lord Almighty says, ‘Don’t cut off your hope; don’t despair’.”

You don’t have forty hands to go everywhere to take forty Shaykhs’ hands. Therefore, if you are traveling on a spiritual journey, when you meet with your guide or with your destination, I think it is enough for you at that time to be in one place. However, if you are doing it as a pleasure for your ego, you may travel from East to West, looking at this or that.

Sometimes I go to the market, looking at one thing or another and then another, from beginning to end. If you are buyers, you must look for what you want. You must know that you want that thing and you must see where it may be. If you find it, you may buy it…

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