Sulha Peace Project Concert for Peace – Amen!

The Sulha Peace Project Concert for Peace, Nov 2008. An amazing evening of music, poetry & spirit for Peace @ SPSA’s church in NYC.

The ancient priestly blessing from the Temple of Solomon, with melody by Jai Uttal sung by Gabriel Meyer Halevy & Amir Paiss & solos by pioneers & leading singers of the world music scene. Among others:

Yungchen Lhamo/Tibet, Hassan Hakmoun/Gnawa- Morrocco, Vishal Vaid/India, Amen : Amir Paiss & Gabriel Meyer Halevy/Israel, Halle/Iranian American, Morley/USA, Carol C/Dominican Palestinian, Karsh Kale, Basya, Emanuel Mann, Harel Shachal, Coleman Barks/Rumi, Gabriel Cousins, Rabbis, Sheikhs & Pastors a host of amazing musicians led by Jamshied Sharifi & Damon Banks, mc’d by actress Debra Winger and Shams Prinzivalli, produced by Fabian Al Sultani & Brice Rosenblum – edited by Daniel Lir.

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