Meeting with Bnei Baruch Association UK

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong of Wulfruna Sufi Association meeting with members of Bnei Baruch Association UK, at their event “Studying the Zohar with Rav Michael Laitman” on January 3rd 2010. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom and spiritual path, helping to connect us to our Creator and in unity with one another. Kabbalah has much in common with Sufism.

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14 Responses to Meeting with Bnei Baruch Association UK

  1. Debbie says:


  2. דליה says:

    How very very w o n d e r f u l exciting news.!!!!!!!!!
    At last….After such a long period of time of just arguments and talks without deeds in the UK group,….at last:something so profoundly beautiful and enspiring and hope uplifting is happening….
    Very pleased to hear about it and may occasions like these increase.
    Thu for sharing it with me

  3. david says:




  5. Ursula nina Nowak says:

    We have to connect us! Wow! L E C H A I M !!! to our sufistic friends!

    Love Nina

  6. Bracha UK says:

    A most wonderful combination of desires!! Congratulations. We met beautiful Sufis in Berlin and Oxford. Lechaim !!! and thank you . B

  7. Loredana says:


  8. Yerganat says:

    Well done! We have so many things in common! Unity!

  9. Lilian says:

    Sufism+Kabbalah= YES!! Al Haqq

    am happy for your meeting at last
    and hope for more in the future

    Salaam- Shalom

    Lilian ( Barakha) kabbalah student from Stockholm

  10. Ritta Riem says:

    lechaim wonderful

  11. Mirela says:

    LeChaim from a romanian student !
    Only together!

  12. Chiedu says:

    There are no words to express fully the joy, happiness, and tranquility that I feel from just knowing that this union (Kabbalah and Sufism) exist. I will no doubt come here again and again to learn how, what, and where. Though I do not yet know anything about this, you have already fulfilled one of my dreams and wish.
    And to all involved I say, thank you.

  13. Sylvia Bone says:

    Love and unity will solve all of humanity’s problems!

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