Was Ayesha A Six-Year-Old Bride?

The Ancient Myth Exposed

by T.O. Shanavas

A Christian friend asked me once, “Will you marry your seven year old daughter to a fifty year old man?” I kept my silence. He continued, “If you would not, how can you approve the marriage of an innocent seven year old, Ayesha, with your Prophet?” I told him, “I don’t have an answer to your question at this time.” My friend smiled and left me with a thorn in the heart of my faith. Most Muslims answer that such marriages were accepted in those days. Otherwise, people would have objected to Prophet’s marriage with Ayesha.

However, such an explanation would be gullible only for those who are naive enough to believe it. But unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the answer.

The Prophet was an exemplary man. All his actions were most virtuous so that we, Muslims, can emulate them. However, most people in our Islamic Center of Toledo, including me, would not think of betrothing our seven years daughter to a fifty-two year-old man. If a parent agrees to such a wedding, most people, if not all, would look down upon the father and the old husband.

In 1923, registrars of marriage in Egypt were instructed not to register and issue official certificates of marriage for brides less than sixteen and grooms less than eighteen years of age. Eight years later, the Law of the Organization and Procedure of Sheriah courts of 1931 consolidated the above provision by not hearing the marriage disputes involving brides less than sixteen and grooms less than eighteen years old. (Women in Muslim Family Law, John Esposito, 1982). It shows that even in the Muslim majority country of Egypt the child marriages are unacceptable…

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2 Responses to Was Ayesha A Six-Year-Old Bride?

  1. kongoquips says:

    Hey thanks for bringing this point out. Of course the point has been there for nearly 1300 years but no one bothered to check it out. That is until people like you and one Adil Salahi researched it and included it in his book. The title of the book is Muhammad: Man and Prophet. It is available on Amazon.
    As a Nigerian I feel ashamed for the recent scandal involving my country man and a an Egyptian minor. Am glad for stumbling on your blog. I want to use some of the things you said as fodder in my arguments with those who support marrying minors. Permission?

    • Paul Salahuddin Armstrong says:

      Salaam alaikum,

      By all means, you have our permission! Please post links to our website though…

      Many thanks and best wishes,


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