A Spiritual Note From A Jewish Friend

There was once a story about a wagon driver who fell asleep while leading his horses. His horses went on their own and landed in a deep pit. Suddenly the wagon driver woke up and saw that he was now stuck in a deep muddy pit.

He jumped off his carriage and started pulling and pulling but nothing helped, the wagon did not budge. People passed by and told him to bring a lift to pull the wagon out.

He listened and went to a nearby city to get a lift. The wagon was easily removed from the pit. Pleased with himself the wagon driver thought, “What do I need horses for? Horses need to be fed and cared for, yet in the end they abandon me, only the lift helped me!”

What did he do? He sold his horses and bought a lift. He placed his wagon on the lift and sat down but the wagon did not move…

They told him “This is not wise!!” the lift can only lift the wagon, but only horses can pull and go…

We just went through Ramadan, but that was only a lift. We need to occupy ourselves with a constant and regular schedule to be able to go on and be successful. Daily prayers, learning something new each day, to uplift ourselves and to be able to find our way to the right goal.

Let’s find a good coach and a good friend to teach us how.

By Binyamin Jadidi

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1 Response to A Spiritual Note From A Jewish Friend

  1. Tulsi says:

    True we shall be constant friends of God to get advice in right time and power to get success in that advice…

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