Ummah Films – Why Islam?

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  1. Greetings Ali, I watched you video and you made a very interesting point… that in Islam there is a radical sect that does not truly represent Islam. It is true in Christendom; there are many that profess the name of Christ and don themselves with the external trappings of Christendom but really are not Christian at the very core.

    Must be true that Islam and Christendom is not measured by the voice of ones mouth?

    A couple of months ago I received in the mail a copy of the English translation of the Quran. I have spent some time reading and found many of the principle of a Divine Creator and His willingness to reveal Himself to His creation a common link between the both.. Christian and Islam.

    The significant delineator between the two is Mohammad. He is given equal if not precedence over Isa al Masih. In Christianity there is no greater than Christ for He is the “expressed image of God”… the Son of God, God incarnate that He might lay His life down for the sin of His creation.

    In your video you made the statement that you could not understand the Creator being killed by His creation. That is not exactly what happened. Man (creation) did not take His life, He laid it down. Willingly. Greater love hath no man than this that He would lay down His life for a friend.

    The gospel of Yeshua ha Massiach is much more than helping the poor, although it is the teaching of Christ. It is more than living a consecrated life of obedience to His word. It is being born again of the same Spirit that quickened Him from the dead and allowing that Spirit to live in a through us.

    I follow the persecuted church all over the world and find that many that name the name of Islam are the greatest persecutors of His church. I have often thought that this heart is no different than the spirit of any heart that kills… it is the spirit of the devil, for he was a murderer from the beginning and he is still killing today, no matter what religion is ascribed to it. It can be Christian, Islam, Hindu, Humanism… yet it is the same spirit and that the spirit of anti-Christ.

    The world is set against the Lord and His Christ… The creation against the Creator. Crazy isn’t it.

    Thanks for the video.

    Peace my friend.

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