Before you boycott Israel!

Food for thought? No matter what your views on Palestine/Israel, one can but admire the Israelis!

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2 Responses to Before you boycott Israel!

  1. qunfuz says:

    I wonder who you are, Wulfrana Sufi Association.

    Past boycotts have not only been aimed at companies, but at apartheid south africa too. That was a great success. Yes, Israel is an outpost of the technologically advanced ‘West’ in the Middle East, and yes, it’s hard to do a total boycott as Israeli products are everywhere, including inside your computer, but it’s certainly worth trying. Many Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and agnostics have decided that boycotting Israel is indeed a moral imperative. But obviously not the Wulfrana Sufis, whoever they may be.

    Why boycott? A few reasons: the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The apartheid system within Israel-Palestine. Regular massacres of Palestinians, most recently in Gaza. The occupations of the Golan Heights, parts of Lebanon, and the West Bank.

  2. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong says:

    I didn’t make this video. I posted it as I thought it somewhat amusing and worth thinking about. If you really want to boycott Israel, am I stopping you? Mind you, if it’s a ‘moral imperative’ you’re after, you might consider boycotting Hamas and Hizbollah while you’re at it… Unless of course, you really think such people will create the harmonious state, true to the teachings of Islam that many of their supporters think they will!

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