Sufism and Pakistan


Sufi’s are lovers of truth.

The message of Sufis, the mystics who touch our mind and soul, is universal. Because of truth, richness, and its down to earth approach, Sufi philosophy finds a following amongst elite as well as the masses – irrespective of color, creed or religion.

Though Sufis’ message of love reached almost every nook and corner in the subcontinent, it was particularly so in Pakistan where it spread to find big success with the common folk, yet the universality of Sufis’ message found support and following equally amongst the nobility.

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Source: Wonders of Pakistan

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2 Responses to Sufism and Pakistan

  1. Sis Amina says:

    I converted to Muslim in 2001. I was so eager to learn all I
    could about all Muslim…back then VHS was still in use.
    From the Library I check a tape on Sufism I began to dance
    in my living room in an old apt building that my Father owned.
    While learning to say my prayers in Arabic.

    Well after praying and dancing just like Sufi-dance a ball of white light went into my right eye. I could not avert or avoid it I was a
    bit scared at first but nothing I could do.

    Has any one of you ever had similar experience with a white ball
    of light?

    Thank you for reading these few words.

    I just keep a special place in my heart for the Sufi Muslim’s
    and I attribute my white ball of light to the Sufi-Dance.
    Praise be to Allah.

    Sis Amina Ali-Seattle, Wa

  2. Anonymous says:

    As the Halal Monk explains in his interesting analysis of Sufism in Pakistan, we should be a bit more careful with sustaining the dichotomy between a suposed ‘nice tolerant Sufism’ and ‘mean mainstream Islam’. The reality is a lot more complex.

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