Hamas, In Their Own Words

For anyone who doubts just exactly how bad Hamas are, watch this video… Hamas are fanatics who in no way, shape or form can be said, to be representing the beautiful religion of Islam! They are nothing but a fanatical terrorist organisation, perverting the teachings of a otherwise peaceful faith. Muslims should not support them!

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3 Responses to Hamas, In Their Own Words

  1. johnrj08 says:

    None of this video surprises or shocks me at all. Each speaker is an insult not only to God, but to the entire human race. They profess a belief system based upon paranoia and bigotry, and their primary problem solving tool is violence. What is frightening, but unshown in any of the clips, are the throngs of Muslims who gather to listen to these demagogues and cheer them on. People need to remember that these are the folks who were voted into power by the people of Gaza in response to Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from that region. Admittedly, Israel had put a strangle-hold on Gaza and created great suffering and desperation, but the motivation for that was driven by the routine terrorist attacks and rockets launched into civilian areas of Israel. If you really want to live in peace with a neighboring country, you don’t continually antagonize it and scream that it has no right to exist and should be destroyed. In that sense, Hamas has been at least as responsible for the suffering in Gaza as Israel. Until the Palestinian people figure this out, the ignominy and violence is going to continue. And the Palestinian people will always get the worst of it.

  2. johnrj08 says:

    I and many other Americans remain hopeful that the issue between Palestinians and Israel will be resolved peacefully and equitably one day. Israel has been a state under siege for the last 60 years and, in my opinion, has over-compensated to ensure its security. However, I understand its moral dilemma. After decades of being terrorized, attacked and threatened with annihilation, it has to choose between the risks of conciliation and the ruthlessness of reprisal and oppression. Conciliation has only led to the assassination of the peacemakers. The Palestinians grow up being taught in their schools that Israelis eat Palestinian babies and want to kill every Muslim. The hatred is imprinted nearly from birth, and now we have two generations of Palestinians who believe the same sort of things that Japanese soldiers were told by their generals about American Gis in the Pacific islands toward the end of World War II. By the time the GIs landed on some of the islands, the Japanese were so frightened that they and their children threw themselves off cliffs to avoid torture and enslavement. When you combine that kind of mentality in Palestine with the fact that Hezbollah is projected to make big gains in the upcoming elections in Lebanon and an ultra-conservative party is currently taking control in Israel, the future does not look very bright in the Mideast.

  3. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong says:

    Thank you for your comments. I share your concerns… You’re right, peace will not be achieved through deliberately antagonising an established neighbouring state… This not good policy on behalf of the Palestinians! Israel obviously does exist, and the sooner Palestinians recognise this, the closer we will be to a solution! Though we must also take into account, the fact that the Palestinians have been through a lot over the years… I’m not saying that excuses them, but it has certainly played it’s part in creating the mindset, that has allowed Hamas to be elected. The trouble is, unless that changes, the situation for ordinary Palestinians is not going to improve, neither is Israel’s security situation… The situation is obviously a difficult one to resolve, with a long history. I hope for the best, but know the challenges are many. There are those on both sides, demonising the other. In Israel, it’s true this is mainly restricted to extremists, while in Palestine and some Arab states, it’s more widespread. Obviously, those involved in this despicable practice, are using it in the mistaken idea it will further their cause. But this is one of the main reasons for the continuation of this ongoing conflict and the continual suffering of those caught up in it. Unless people can see their opponents as their equals, with needs, aspirations and feelings like their own, conflict is inevitable! I pray for the wellbeing of everyone in the the Middle East, whatever their background or religious beliefs. Peace will come, when we realise how connected we all are, that the hurting of others is the cause of our own pain. Lets pray people in general, come around to this realisation sooner rather than later…

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