Israel or Palestine?

I was just asked by a friend to vote on on a CNN pole, whether I supported Israel or Palestine. I didn’t vote, because I support neither side in this ridiculous, ongoing inhumane conflict that has caused so many people to loose their lives. I attended a march in London last weekend, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza as I’m really upset by the appalling loss of life. But I’m against Hamas as much, or maybe even more than I’m against Zionism.

The only solution is for people to give up their misplaced hatred of their brothers and sisters in humanity! When people make this first step towards ‘loving thy neighbour as thyself’, we will see peace! May the Lord help us all love thy neighbour as thyself! I support neither Israel or Palestine, but all the people of Holy Land living in Peace, Love and Harmony with each other!

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

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2 Responses to Israel or Palestine?

  1. benjaminvallen1 says:

    Israel. They are totally justified in defending themselves. Death to Gaza!!!

    • But that’s what both sides are saying! This conflict has gone on for long enough. After over 60 years, the Holy Land has become a breeding ground for hatred instead of God’s love. We need it to return to being Holy again! Holy ground belongs to us all!

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