What is Love?

European people are writing, “Love, love.” everywhere, – “Love”. It means that it is the most important thing for them. But they are not asking for real Love, and how they can reach to that endless Love oceans.
….Everyone’s soul is asking to reach endless beauty oceans.
Only one drop of the beauty oceans of your Lord is divided between all peoples. So, from that drop how much can reach a beautiful girl or a handsome person? How much?
So much that you can be drunk, by just part of that one drop from the endless beauty oceans that are waiting, and expecting you to reach it, and to come into it, and to swim, and to drink, and to be drunk, in it.

You can reach out to the love of your Lord through your wife, And she can reach it through you —- Because we are asking through her love The real Love of ALLAH Almighty. And it is the most perfect teaching for mankind
To make a relationship from that love and to jump to your Lord’s Love.

But people are not taking enough care about that love and not allowing the Divine Love Springs to come out from their hearts. – They are running after some imitation love, for a temporary love that is only coming and going for some occasions, – coming and giving people that love which belongs to our physical desires. It is only temporary and is quickly disappearing, and the quickly arriving satisfaction is going to be less and less, and then it is finishing. .. commonly the interest of mankind is going to be for that love which is going to be less and less and less, and then finishing. Drying up. Physical desires love is going to be less and less and finally to be dry. (ST26)

You may love a young lady for her youth, and when that youth departs you love her no more. That is false love. Sometimes we may have both kinds of love simultaneously, but usually the physical overpowers the spiritual so that it is never allowed to appear. But to reach the ultimate goal of human life we are in need of permanent love, and it is only the Lord of the universe Who can grant it.

But Divine love, that is settled and based through the hearts of mankind. It is not becoming less. As long as you are looking after it, you should find it increasing, giving more, and being more tasteful, and finding it never ending.
This is because your physical being is going to finish, but your real being is never going to finish. Your physical being is a temporary being, but your spiritual being is a permanent one. Therefore that which belongs to your physical being from love is going to finish. But that which belongs to your spiritual being is never ending, is permanent.
You are free to choose between the two. And you are free to look for the one or the other as you like. If you like it to finish, then follow your physical desires and their love. If you are interested in Eternal Love. Everlasting love, then look after your spiritual love – Are you doing so?

When you increase in the love of the permanent life, the eternal life, then ALLAH Almighty gives to your heart from His Divine Lights, and darkness goes away; because the more the love of this life gets into your heart, the more darkness gets in also. In darkness all bad thoughts and fears grow, and dissatisfactions and unhappiness grow in your heart because darkness makes them grow. But if darkness goes away from our heart, then it is lighted everywhere. No more trouble or unhappiness can be in your heart. Lights, divine lights give you satisfaction and peace, and as much as those lights grow in your heart so much peace and happiness and satisfaction will grow in our heart, and hope will grow each day.

Shaykh Nazim

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