Prenatal Scans

The prenatal scan has become a largely routine practice in many modern hospitals. However, this is still a relatively recent practice, and one where we only tend to hear the positive benefits. As with all treatments, there are also negative aspects, though they often don’t come to our attention.

Scans are used to determine the number of weeks since the start of pregnancy, general health of the foetus, and the gender of the baby. Although the results are not always that accurate, many times parents are worried by problems detected during scans that fail to materialise. Prenatal scans are used as a pretext to abort pregnancy, on detection of potential birth defects. Alternately, scans fail to detect genuine problems. Even when problems are genuine, nothing can really be done until the baby is born. Pioneering surgery on unborn foetuses is still unproven.

As it is official practice in the UK and many hospitals elsewhere, to scan during pregnancy, they promote the practice. Before subjecting oneself (and one’s unborn child) to any medical procedure, it is wise to first consider the consequences of doing so. Not everything that is routine or common is necessarily good for us! Consider for instance, X-rays… Just after they became available, they were heavily promoted. Later, when their harmful effects were discovered, X-rays were limited, only being used where absolutely necessary.

Prenatal scanning uses a different technology to X-rays. X-rays are a form of radiation, whereas prenatal scans use ultrasound. Ultrasound is a form of sound, except it is far more powerful and at a higher frequency than the sound we hear. The reflections of these sounds are what forms the image on the machine’s viewscreen. Sound is a form of vibration or movement. Is it really wise to subject a foetus to such strong forces? Surely one could expect potential consequences of this treatment?

Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani was the first to alert me to the potential risks involved in scanning. Realising there is usually good reason why shaykhs give these warnings, I decided to consult a medical jounal to understand more about these risks. The publication known as “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”, is one such well known journal. Below are links to some of their articles on this subject. One ancient wisdom we would do well to remember, avoid anything where the risks out way potential benefits.

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Prenatal Scans Inaccurate One Third Of Time

Ultrasound Scans: Small Babies

Dead Certainty

Ultrasound: A Poor Predictor Of Down’s Syndrome

Prenatal Scans May Switch Brain Dominance

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