The Story of the Moths

One night the moths met together tormented by a desire to be united to the candle. They said: “We must send someone who will bring us information about the object of our amorous quest.” So one of them set off and came to a castle, and inside he saw the light of a candle. He returned, and according to his understanding, reported what he had seen. But the wise moth who presided over the gathering expressed the opinion that he understood nothing about the candle. So another moth went there. He touched the flame with the tip of his wings,but the heat drove him off. His report was no more satisfying than that of the first, a third went out. This one, intoxicated with love, threw himself on the flame; with his forelegs he took hold of the flame and united joyously with her. He embraced her completely and his body became as red as fire. The flame and the moth appeared to be one, and he said: “He has learnt what he wished to know; but only he understands, and can say no more.”

From “The Seventh Valley” in
The Conference of the Birds

By Farid Ud-Din Attar

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