Mullah Nasrudin the Guest of Honour

At a formal function, Mullah Nasrudin entered the reception and seated himself upon one of the most impressive-looking chairs at the front. The Head Steward spotted the Mullah’s humble attire and hurried over.

“Sir, these seats are reserved for the guests of honour.”

“Oh good,” replied Nasrudin confidently, “because I am more than a mere guest.”

“Oh, so are you a diplomat?” asked the steward with a raised eyebrow.

“Much more than that!” smiled Nasrudin

“Really? So you are a minister, perhaps?”

“No, bigger than that too.”

“Aha! Then you must be the King himself” said the Steward sarcastically.

“Higher than that!”

“What?! Higher than the King? Nobody is higher than the King in this village!”

“Now you have it,” exclaimed Mullah Nasrudin, “I am nobody!”

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