Jesus’ Miracle of the Clay Sparrows

Then Allah will ask: “O Jesus son of Mary ! Recall my favor upon you and to your mother, how I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit, so you could speak to the people in cradle and in old age, how I taught you the Book, Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel. How you were able to make the figure of a bird out of a clay, by My permission, how you breathed into it and changed it into a real bird, by My permission. How you could heal the born-blind and the lepers by My permission. How you could bring the dead body back to life by My permission. How I protected you from the violence of the Children of Israel when you came to them with clear signs and the unbelievers among them said: ‘This is nothing but a clear sorcery.'”         Holy Qur’an [5:110]

As recounted in this beautiful account from the Holy Qur’an, Jesus performed many Miracles with God’s blessing. Jesus only performed these miracles as signs from God for people of faith and understanding. Even in the Bible, Jesus never claimed to perform these miracles by himself.

“…it is rather by means of God’s power I drive out demons,…” Luke [11:20]

“I can do nothing on my own authority;…” John [5:30]

God’s power was working through Jesus in these miracles, to demonstrate something of the majesty of God, and that Jesus was His prophet. By this means many people were guided, but unfortunately there were others who made false accusations at Jesus and wouldn’t even accept the miracles they witnessed by themselves!

“…and the unbelievers among them said: ‘This is nothing but a clear sorcery.'” Holy Qur’an [5:110]

But miracles were not unique to Jesus, indeed God worked miracles through many of His prophets. One of the most famous of them was Moses. God performed many miracles through Moses to force the Pharaoh to free the people of Israel, but also as signs for the Hebrews, and even the Egyptians of Moses’ prophethood.

One amazing miracle of Jesus which didn’t make it into the Bible, is found in The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, as well as in the Holy Qur’an. These recall of when Jesus was still a child, creating small birds from clay and bringing them to life.

“When this child Jesus was five years old, he was playing by the ford of a stream; and he gathered the flowing waters into pools and made them immediately pure. These things he ordered simply by speaking a word. He then made some soft mud and fashioned twelve sparrows from it. It was the Sabbath when he did this. A number of other children were also playing with him.

But when a certain Jew saw what Jesus had done while playing on the Sabbath, he left right away and reported it to his father, Joseph, ‘Look, your child at the stream has taken mud and formed twelve sparrows. He has profaned the Sabbath!’

When Joseph came to the place and saw what had happened he cried out to him, ‘Why are you doing what is forbidden on the Sabbath? But Jesus clapped his hands and cried to the sparrows, ‘Be gone!’ And the sparrows took flight and went off, chirping. When the Jews saw this they were amazed; and they went away and reported it to their leaders what they had seen Jesus do.” The Infancy Gospel of Thomas [2:1-5]

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2 Responses to Jesus’ Miracle of the Clay Sparrows

  1. abdulmomin says:

    Beautiful MashaAllah!

    Verily many more miracles of our Prophets (peace be upon all of them) listed in the Qur’an
    Indeed the correct way of understanding the real Islam is to refer to the Holy Qur’an as the basis for all knowledge and then understanding the Sunnah and Hadith in its light. Anything that cannot be linked back to the Qur’an cannot be declared an integral part of Islam. We must be very careful when we assume that something is or is not part of Islam. Allah has protected the Holy Book for this very purpose that no matter how much time passes the word of Allah remains pure and provides guidance to those who truly want to submit to his will and stay on course to becoming true Muslims.

    The Qur’an is the last of the Divine Books, because Messenger-hood ended with Muhammad. No subsequent human opinion or pronouncement in matters of deen (religion), therefore, can be recognized as authoritative. The Qur’an is a book of guidance for all mankind and transcends the barriers of time and space.
    May Allah guide us and have mercy on us. Ameen.
    Abdul Momin

  2. A O A.
    Hello In charge,
    I visited your website and deeply impressed by your work and teachings. I found that you are doing a great work for the Quranic Miracle in the meantime. I am a professional translator as you know that the Urdu is the language of different countries such as Pakistan , Bangladesh , India , Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan ,etc. i want that your work Should be appreciated in these countries. I want to do work with your ministry OR organization as a Urdu Translator’s. Hopes that you will consider me for this great option.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Zainab Naseem

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