A teddy called Muhammad

Truly sad… The protesters should be ashamed of themselves, as should the Sudanese court system. Are they going to sentence people for calling teddy bears Adam, Moses or Jesus? It would be no different! We love and respect all the prophets as they were all Gods messengers. These extremists do not represent Islam, rather they are Islam’s worst enemies. In the case of the Danish cartoons or the Satanic Verses, there was intent to slander Muhammad. But even here Islam teaches us to be tolerant and thoughtful in our response.

The best way to defend the holy Prophets reputation is to live according to the noble example he gave us. Muhammad was extremely kind and well mannered. Would he even recognise these people as following his teachings? Obviously Ms Gibbons didn’t mean any harm by allowing one of her pupils to call their teddy Muhammad. The whole matter should be dropped and she should be released. The real enemies of Islam are those protesting on the streets for her death!

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